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Alternators & Starter Motors for Cars, Bikes, Boats, Diggers, JCB's, Lawn Mowers, Trucks, Vans & more!

Ford Fiesta 1.3 Units
We are the No1 alternator, starter motor and car electrical auto parts supplier here in the UK.

We have over 6000 outright replacement units in stock and over 30,000 starter motor parts and alternator parts for any vehicle or engine.

Our free 24hr delivery means you will get your order the very next day
to your home or place of your choice.

We operate on a quote basis only. This ensures you receive the lowest and most up to date prices available.

All our products are made to the highest quality standards so you can have the piece of mind to just Fit-it Forget-it

Fiat Bravo Starter Motor

  • Save up to 75% off main dealer prices

  • No exchange or surcharge required

  • Free 24hr UK priority delivery service

  • 12 months No Quibble warranty

  • ISO9001 / QS9000 standards

  • Best Prices - Quality - Availability

Here are some of the manufacturers we use for our auto parts and rotating electrical components:-

Delco, Ford, Valeo, Bosch, Denso, Mitsubishi, Hitachi, Marelli, US Ford and many more.

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We also stock a wide range of components.

Fault Diagnosis

If you turn the ignition and nothing happens then you may want to check the connections from your battery to your starter motor. These sometimes get rusty and need cleaning.

If your battery is not charging then you may have a loose alternator belt. If you hear a screeching noise then tighten the belt and your battery will then charge.

If your starter motor is turning very slowly and your interior lights are dull then you may have a weak or faulty battery. An auto electrician can check this for you.

You can test if your  alternator  is  charging  correctly by using a multimeter. Set the meter to DC and connect to the battery terminals. Turn  off  all  lights  and  interior electrics and rev the engine to 2500rpm. The multimeter should read between 13.5 and 14.4 volts.

When you turn the ignition and hear a clicking noise then your starter motor gear may be sticking. Put your car in to 4th or 5th gear and make sure your handbrake is off and gently push your car forwards and backwards. This sometimes releases the gear.

Be careful when considering a reconditioned alternator or a reconditioned starter motor.  When the price is too low or when asked for your old unit back in exchange normally means it's a recon or a refurbished part.

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Alfa Romeo Alfasud Alternator

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BMW 318i Starter Motor

Mitsubishi Colt Alternator

Range Rover Starter Motor

Volvo 740 Alternator

Vauxhall Tigra Starter Motor